The National Tomato Conservatory

Created in 1998 by Louis Albert de Broglie, this unique collection in the world boasts of 700 varieties of tomatoes, thus offering an unprecedented panorama of this fruit and as well as its hidden culinary treasures.

The concept originated in the course of trips to India and Asia, from where the first seeds were brought. Collectors and botanic gardens from around the world subsequently enriched the conservatory. Round, elongated or heart-shaped, black, green or yellow, some of these ancient tomatoes bear astonishing names: the ten fingers of Naples, Red of Iraq, Erika of Australia, Horn of Andes …

By highlighting the natural wealth of our planet, Louis Albert de Broglie’s goal is to grant access to a very wide public whom may observe, understand and learn the challenges of preserving this biodiversity in order to transmit to future generations the foundations essential to the survival of the species.



Every year, the château organizes its Tomato Festival on the second weekend of September. To discover more about our event, click here.

Le parc sera exceptionnellement fermé au public
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