The mini farm

The Fermes d’Avenir charity association, created towards the end of 2013, has an ambitious societal project to develop a new model of agriculture, based on the principles of agroecology, inspired by permaculture and in line with the current socio-economic context.

The initiative is based on 3 outlines:
• N° 1: The creation of an experimental mini farm in Touraine (at the Château de la Bourdaisière) in order to follow the necessary steps to set up a mini farm and to evaluate the economic model. The mini farm has been carefully laid out whilst adopting the methods of permaculture (design). In the course of their work, a toolbox is being conceived by two permaculture advisers, Claire Uzan and Gildas Véret, to explain the various stages that precede the creation of such a farm. Basically, we create a diversified farm for vegetable production on 1.4 hectares, and to take note of all the interesting figures in order to analyse their prototype.
• N° 2: A redaction of the necessary recommendations and the conclusions made by the Scientific and Economic Committee are presented to the elected representatives and leaders. The goal is to encourage development (of the model) and communicate this new economic reality to the regions.
• N° 3: Accompanying future project leaders, whether they are new farmers, or private land owners willing to develop a mini farm on their land (local authorities, businesses, individuals …).
Guided tours are organized twice a month.

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