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Les dahlias de la BourdaisièreInaugurated in spring 2008, the Dalhia colour is a contemporary garden located at the back of the XIX° century vegetable garden. A colour composition of 100 different species, with different colour splashes laid down in a square and circles as a painter's palet. This allows one to rediscover again the amazing diversity of this 'flora' family, from botanical small flowers to high big blossoming ones.



Botanists have recorded 2000 different varieties from the 30 known to the general public. With the help of Monsieur François LAPORTE, Maître Gantier et Parfumeur and Enest Turc, a famous Nursery from Angers, and the garden design of Louis Benech, the 2009 Dalhia colour shall be a great discovery - a great beauty.






Our partner : 
Ernest Turc

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