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Plantes médicinales



 Fourteen years after the creation of the tomato conservatory, Louis Albert de Broglie asked Marie d'Hennezel to create a Medecinal Plant garden.

For more than 20 years Marie d'Hennezel has created at Mazet, in the magical land of the Cévennes region, west of Nîmes in the south of France, an incredibly beautiful garden of terraces overlooking the mountain, set in a chestnut forest. In 2005, Louis Albert de Broglie  commissioned a book from Marie d'Hennezel called 'Plantes Medicinales d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui' as a tribute to her work and to the knowledge of these numerous plants so beneficial to mens' health.

The medicinal plants which will be in the contemporary garden next to the Dalhia colour, will show which plants interact with precisely which part of the human body.

And, in the dry moats, Marie d'Hennezel will also redesigned an old medieval flower beds, showing exactly how the gardens were dedicated to growing beautiful and symbolic plants for curing people.

One can find herbal teas in the boutique and tea shop, and purchase first quality plants from the garden or from Marie d'Hennezel's collection.


Plantes medicinales Plantes médicinales d'hier et d'aujourd'hui

de Marie d'Hennezel, Editions Hoebeke, 30€


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