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Film productions and photo shoots

Séance photo

The Château de la Bourdaisière can welcome film and photo shoots within the 100 acres of parc, gardens, rich historical architecture- ranging from the XIV, to the XVI, XIX century with folies that are being build in the gardens.

The vegetable garden, the château, the water tower, the windmill, the various perspective, the pond produces a very dense and magical place to shoot pictures.

All requests must be directed to Martine de Roquefeuil,Mail  of Martine de ROQUEFEUIL (deroquefeuil.bourdaisiere@wanadoo.fr) and tel number or





Some productions shot in Bourdaisière : 

La ‘Princesse de Clève’ in the 60’s, with Marina Vlady and Jean Marais

Tournage en Touraine

2002 - Joe the Millionaire (Fox)

Tournage en Touraine

2003 - Olivier the Millionaire (Endemol)

Tournage en Touraine

2004 - Production on the Russian oligarchs led by Marina Kapustina




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