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The park

Le parc de la Bourdaisière

The Castle is situated in 80 acres of parkland encircled by walls, within which is a charming mix of trees in this beautiful XIX° century, romantic park.  Cedar trees from Atlas, gigantic sequoias, oaks, chestnuts, sycamores, Tillia, as well as Box trees in which one can walk freely.

While exhibitions are undertaken in the different alleys, one can discover the Leonardo da Vinci's gate from the old medieval terrace (*) leading to the 'Allée à l'Italienne', and on to the pavilion overlooking the castle vineyards.


(*)  legend tells that the great master while en route from Amboise to visit Marie Babou, François Ier's beautiful mistress, designed this gate, a tribute to the Babou family that became reknowned for the numerous beauties involved with important figures. So the cartouche designed on the gate, reminds the family motto !


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