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Estate Eco-Conception

Louis Albert de Broglie

“I believe that we have all of us, citizens of the world, travelling to western countries and staying in historical houses, a special wonder, an ongoing question: how can these buildings, especially castles, be sustainable? Apart from having survived the path of time !

Restoration of the Château de la Bourdaisière with a Eco-conception is the challenge we are facing. Therefore the process will include an analysis of the sort of technical renewable energies we could use and implement within the historical context. We will set up means of communication with local government and NGO’s to share the different technical gimmicks we would have chosen along with energy agencies, we will work on water and waste management programme in order to optimize recycling. We will make sure that sustainable issues will include the best use of the vegetable garden as well as the park, and finally we will use all the means to keep staff and customers aware of what is being done to make the house better sustainably managed.

Ways of measuring results and sharing them will be a key issue both on site as well as on Internet- with an ongoing magazine, an eco promenade with conceptual art will help the visitors to understand the target and how we coped with it.

Hopefully this will contribute as an example of  what we can do to build up a better world for the immediate and future generations”

Louis Albert de Broglie
Powner of the château de la Bourdaisière 


This project will be pursued under a three years programme that will include :

First year

January 2009 to September 2009 : appointing special advisors in sustainable issues (a company called ECO2initiative have been mandated for this purpose) in order to :
- Making the staff aware of eco responsibilities, including behavior on a day today basis,
- Setting up a carbon footprint, of the overall activity of the Estate, as well as a Energy consumer appraisal of the buildings,
- Organizing a meeting with local governments, NGO's and government agencies to assess the interconnection of touristic activities with local life,
- Proposing technical solution for the Estate and its buildings in order to improve the spending and suggest better community relationships for communication efficiency.

From November 2009 onwards :

Implementing the various technical decisions that would have been taken among which :




Energy savings 
Four new alternative energy sources are being considered, geothermic eventually using the very important limestone underground that was used in the old days for growing mushrooms, windmill by adding a new one adjacent to  the XIX° century existing one, biomass using horse manure as well as waste from the kitchen and mixed with green waste, solar and photovoltaic panels.

Isolation of roof and windows
Common sense investment shall show a good return and shall permit not only to diminish the cost of energy but also enable the hotel to increase its opening time from 7 month a year to 10 months (March 15 to January 5th)

Gestion des fluides

Fluids (water) :
Implement technical means to better manage the water consumption including sewage water and also water reuse.

    Waste :  
    Implement ways of waste management, recycling caterer's waste to be transformed in compost, bottles to be transformed for Land art and folies construction !

Making people aware 
Creating means of understanding what has been put in place so people can come back to their life and be inspired for their past benefit as well as their family and community.

The Exhibition of Deyrolle posters in the park using 120*144cm posters, will be available from June 1st to November 1st.


Food  and Health
Suggesting staff, as well as customers to have a better use of the garden by cultivating and eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, practicing morning or afternoon sport, drinking herbal tea and water and therefore heading to a more healthy life. Also teaching how to share the garden proceeds with family and community.








Les études de restauration du château de la Bourdaisière ont été confiées à ECO2INITIATIVE. 

Née de la prise de conscience par ses deux fondateurs de l'importance du développement durable pour l'avenir de nos sociétés et de notre planète, et de la nécessité d'œuvrer dès aujourd'hui à la révision de notre approche de production et de consommation, ECO2 Initiative se propose de conseiller et d'accompagner les entreprises et les collectivités dans leur démarche de développement durable et de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre.







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