My Sunday with ... Louis Albert de Broglie by JDD

Interwiew published January 14, 2015 in the Journal du Dimanche Site

Louis-Albert de Broglie: "On Sunday, we cook the vegetables I grow"

My Sunday with ... Louis Albert de Broglie by lejdd

Feast of plants and 2,015 hens

The 21st edition of the Festival of Plants and Hens will take place from 4 to 6 April 2015.

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Cosmopolaitain seen in Spain

Market for Tomatoes garden ...

Louis Albert de Broglie

With 600 varieties of products, some of them almost disappeared. It was the "madness" of a man known throughout France as a gardener prince ...

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Plants Day 2014 and hens

Martine Roquefeuil, Louis Albert de Broglie and all Bourdaisière Castle team had the pleasure of welcoming you at the Fête des Plantes and the 2014 Hens and thank you for your loyalty. Thanks to you, this 20th edition was a great success.

We invite you already to book your Easter weekend 2015!

The 21st edition of the Festival of Plants and Hens will take place from 4 to 6 April 2015.


For the record, we invite you to re-discover, hereunder, the themes in 2014:



Theme 2014: "Preserve the Plant and Animal Biodiversity"

You know the Festival of Plants? This year we have the pleasure of welcoming our friends for a Gallinaceans Flanker season! Bourdaisière, supported by Jardiland Institute, will present his collection of rare and unusual plants and a range of the most exceptional hens.

La Fête des Plantes Castle Bourdaisière has become a highlight of the region's cultural life.

So take some time, as Easter weekend, come family discover surprising and amazing chicken plant collections around our 100 exhibitors. Not to mention the sale of the Garden Tomato Plants Conservatory Bourdaisière approved by the CCVS (Conservatory of Specialized Vegetable Collections).
Guests can also eat on site (Menu of the day and tea room)

Appointment on 19, 20 and 21 April 2014.

Signature of the cookbook "Prince of Tomato Gardener" to Lafon editions and signed the book "Deyrolle lesson Things Volume II" by its author Prince Louis Albert de Broglie nicknamed the Prince Gardener

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