The park and the extraordinary Gardens

At the heart of the Loire Valley, the Château Bourdaisière covers an area of ​​55 hectares where the Prince Gardener has developed a school of nature and the art of living in the French.

The park and the extraordinary Gardens

Castle Bourdaisière flourishes in the middle of a park of 55 hectares with remarkable species including cedar collections, redwood, chestnut, oak. The paths of the park are lined with educational boards Deyrolle et Deyrolle for the Future that make entertaining and informative walk. A near walking & nbsp; allows brave to speak with an invigorating walk. The National Tomato Conservatory established in 1995 with nearly 650 varieties takes a look of unique collection. Also discover over 150 other vegetables that make up the garden. The garden of medicinal plants that illustrates what heals the body and mind; Dahliacolor to the more than 240 varieties of this forgotten flower, make Bourdaisière exceptional reservoir of biodiversity; not to mention the Charlemagne chapter in the moat of the XIVe ! Century & nbsp; Redesigned in 2010 by the famous landscape designer Louis Benech, gardens Bourdaisière allow people to reclaim all notions of landscape, foster gardens, beauty and what is good and just. & nbsp;

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The tomato Conservatory established in 1995 with nearly 650 varieties takes a unique collection of allure in the world




The visit to the gardens of Bourdaisière is open to the public
from April 1 to November 15 from 10h to 19h.

Gratuit pour les enfants de moins de 10 ans- 7.50€ par adulte

Our gardener will answer all your questions on the plantations, preventive, curative methods of these plants on the field, Monday to Friday, 11:30 am to 12 am and from 16:30 to 17h. & Nbsp;

The tour varies with the seasons. The roses are in bloom from May to September; tomatoes adorn the feet of July conservatory in October, at which time also blooming dahlias.

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The National Tomato Conservatory

Established in 1996, this unique collection of nearly 650 tomato varieties offering a unique panorama of this fruit unsuspected riches.
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The DalhiaColor

Contemporary garden with several varieties of dahlias flower beds, it allows to discover the extraordinary biodiversity of this élatante and generous flower.
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The orchard

Discover an orchard with about 100 fruit trees collection. & Nbsp;
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The Chapterhouse Charlemagne

In the moat of the Castle was recreated the Chapter of Charlemagne, useful plant selection that the Emperor had chosen carefully.
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The exhibition boards Deyrolle "A school of nature"

During the walk in the park, visitors can discover the rich heritage of the famous educational boards Deyrolle, through a selection of over 100 boards.
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Micro-farm inspired by Permaculture

Since October 2013, a project inspired by permaculture was launched in the castle. This project is managed by the association "Future Farms." Discover and share with us the evolution of the project.

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