Festival of the Tomato & flavors

16e edition of 13 & September 14, 2014

Just (re) discover the Tomato Bourdaisière castle between Tours and Amboise


50 exhibitors
Producers and artisans will be gathered around the culinary theme (workshops and cooking classes), fruits and vegetables, seeds, plants taste, wellness, cosmetics and decoration.

The National Conservatory of Tomato
The conservatory is now contains more than 650 varieties of heirloom tomatoes that are planted mid-May, maturing between July 15 and September.


The Bar Tomatoes ®
This restaurant dedicated to tomato and its many flavors offers a delicious menu and inventive recipes around designed by Louis Albert de Broglie. Come directly from the conservatory to your plate, tomatoes are cooked in gazpacho, bruschetta, crumbles, sorbets and countless juice.


Exhibition "Portraits of gardens"
In the Italian park alley Bourdaisière you can discover fifty images of renowned photographer Jean-Baptiste Leroux, who excelled for 25 years in the art to capture the beauty of the garden over the four seasons. His work is held by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux.

The DahliaColor ®
Flower lovers can admire the 205 varieties of dahlias declined by color. You can find 4000 dahlias tubers in the middle of a contemporary garden.

illus-ratatouilleBook Signing La Ratatouille
Cookissime, under the direction of Marie-Caroline Malbec, publishes La Ratatouille, an innovative book about this recipe dear Rémy, the most famous small gourmet rats and hero of the movie Disney Pixar Ratatouille. More than 10 leaders have lent the game to reinvent ratatouille recipe: Marc Veyrat, Paul Bocuse, Jean-François Trap, Pierre Hermé, Cyril Lignac ... but Louis Albert de Broglie, Prince Gardener who designed the garden of Remy at Disneyland Paris!
Thanks to the presence of Louis Albert de Broglie during the Festival, you can also leave your autographed copy!


Logo-JARDILANDCommitted to the preservation of biodiversity and sensitive to multiple forms of the art of living around the gardens, theJardiland Institute supports all projects by Domaine de la Bourdaisière order to share as many the idea of ​​preserving the diversity to maintain a balance in nature. Our ambition collaborate radiation Domain, showcase of technical developments in the environmental field.
Thierry Sonalier - Chairman of Jardiland - www.jardiland.com


Exceptional meeting with Rémy,
the most famous gourmet small rats, hero of the movie Disney Pixar Ratatouille

070118 ratatouille pixar

 Castle Bourdaisière
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