Savour the delicious produce from the garden: Tomatoes at Au Bar and Tea Room

The Bar Tomatoes: & nbsp; The open kitchens in the heart of the garden, dinner in an unforgettable place:


For guests and visitors to the castle, the vegetable garden and orchard offer many plants, fruit, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal herbs to harvest and eat. Tomato juice and fresh fruit from the garden, the medicinal herb teas, salads and soups amazing and very original and typical dishes fresh from the region (goat cheese, crackling, hen of Touraine .... ) are available for tasting before the Dahliacolor.

From May to October, the "Bar © Tomatoes" offers the wonders of the garden sublimated through the inspiration of the leaders ....... which will delight the "locavores" * & nbsp!;

To create its own bar tomato, gardeners are also available to visitors to give organic gardening culture councils in respect of market gardening traditions.

* People have chosen to primarily consume food products within less than 250 km, out of respect for the environment.


The Tea Room: a simple and refined tasting & nbsp;


In the Tea Room, local cuisine using produce fresh from the farm and vegetable garden is offered: fresh fruit juice from the garden, herbal teas, tomato juice, soups and salads are offered tasting, and plates of fresh produce and regional specialties.

Discover the menu of the Prince Gardener: & nbsp;

Soup of the day


L'Assiette Prince Gardener


Dessert of the day

€ 17


L'Assiette Prince Gardener:

Cake / Pie Day Sale

+ & Nbsp;

Garden salad

€ 9

Hours: & nbsp; 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For lunch: 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Reservations recommended at 02 47 45 16 31.



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