The trip pollen

A theme garden, an exhibition and a story to listen to (Princess Dove) Take visitors into the fascinating world of pollen and inform in an entertaining and educational way about allergies. This course is for anyone curious about nature and garden lovers. An event initiated by the Allergy French Committee of Observation.

Duration of the 1:00 tour.

The exhibition boards Deyrolle & quot; A School of Nature & quot;

The famous educational boards of the house Deyrolle marked generations of schoolchildren in the botany course, zoology, entomology, geography, human anatomy and civics. During the walk in the castle park, visitors can discover the richness of this scientific heritage through a selection of 70 old and 40 new boards boards on sustainable development. They will also observe the remarkable species & nbsp; of our majestic trees.

Duration of the visit: 1h00.


The Chapter of Charlemagne

The Chapterhouse Charlemagne is located in the castle moat.

This selection imagined, as the name suggests, the emperor Charlemagne, was intended to highlight the food plants, industrial, medicinal, dye that was used during his reign. The Chapterhouse Castle also has remarkable species of the park (cedar, redwood, oak, bread tree ...), and shows us how aisni plants were (and still are!) Essential to our daily lives.

The orchard

Park Bourdaisière present an orchard offruit tree collectionsOf over 100 varieties. Walking through the orchard reminds us to the discovery of these fallen fruit trees reminds us of the importance of biodiversity, It is now more essential than ever to preserve.